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About Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc.

vertical-logoWelcome to Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc., the privately owned business consulting firm that changes the ways that businesses acquire and retain clients.

Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. specializes in new client acquisitions, customer service and client retention primarily in the field of telecommunications for small to mid-sized businesses. Our associates are specially trained to fulfill the essential sales needs for your company, to assist you in expanding your geographic market and to increase your overall market share. We assess your products and services and strategize in order to hit the ground running when we take them to market.


Meet our Team!

  • Calvin Hoang
  • Chad Broder
  • Dominique Ljutic
  • Azeem Ghoury
  • Kimberly Jacobson

DEC's Core Values

  1. Competition - We value the ability for an individual to push themselves beyond perceived boundaries, as well as a whole as a company. We have been able to do this as an organization year over year, and surpass our clients expectations.
  2. Integrity- To maintain our long-lasting relationship with clients and clientele, DEC Inc. believes in the utmost integrity in all aspects of our business from customer interaction, to client negotiations, to how we treat people in everyday life.
  3. Teamwork- A business that pushes forward as a cohesive unit is much stronger than individuals with separate agendas. We at DEC Inc. believe in the vision of growth and opportunity for all individuals in the organization, and aggressively protect this value.
  4. Communication- Achieving goals in any team organization, whether it be business, sports, or charity, can be greatly dependent on how effectively an individual can communicate with their peers. At DEC Inc, we value the voices of all: management, administration, and the team, and thus increase our ability to fully understand our situations and achieve our goals.
  5. Culture - It is vital that people feel good about where they invest their time and energy. Involved in team activities, philanthropy, professional and personal development conferences, travel, and company outings, at DEC Inc. we create a culture where people can thrive and feel purpose beyond their work routines.