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It’s that time again! Dynamic Edge Consulting’s Management Team attended the Yearly Business and Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas! The event provided a weekend full of business training, networking, development, and a TON of fun!

The conference started with client meetings to reflect on the past year’s results, and to also hear about some exciting plans they have for partnership and expansion in 2018! The clients have big goals for the Dynamic Edge Consulting team this year, and the team definitely plans on going above and beyond to achieve those goals! The clients were proud to recognize the Dynamic Edge Consulting team with awards for quality sales in 2017. The team has been awarded previously for quality sales and top performance, and has a reputation for being a crew that can be counted on consistently for outstanding results.

After lunch, the Dynamic Edge Consulting team attended workshops focusing on professional development. Some of the biggest names and top performers in the industry addressed topics like time management and goal setting, organizational expansion planning, and team leadership. The team left feeling motivated and armed with take-aways to implement into their everyday practices upon returning to Los Angeles.

The best part of the event was, of course, the awards dinner the last evening of the conference. Everyone was dressed to impress and the dinner was delicious, especially the dessert! The dinner show was a blast and it was nice to see how great everyone looked. The team enjoyed catching up with colleagues and also meeting and networking with new faces. The team also got to see other top performers be awarded with giant bonus checks for the great results they achieved in 2017.

The Yearly Business and Leadership Conference was definitely one for the books! Memories were made, but more importantly, the Dynamic Edge Consulting team learned a ton. The team is excited to be back in the South Bay, and ready to crush 2018!


Team members from Dynamic Edge Consulting are focused on learning and professional development! This past weekend, the crew attended their Fall Leadership Development Seminar at the Courtyard Marriott in Orange County. Top performing industry leaders were selected to address the crowd of several hundred business professionals. Speakers covered a variety of topics, such as: mental strength and toughness, time and priority management, organizational expansion planning, and how to be a productive leader.

One of the speakers opened up with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln, where he said, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening my saw.” That intro led into talking about the importance of taking the time for professional development, “sharpening that saw”, and the role that that plays in helping one achieve their goals.

The next speaker talked about how Jeff Bezos recently hit the net worth mark of 93 billion. “Your level of influence is directly correlated to your success,” he said. The speaker continued to give the audience notes on becoming stronger, more influential leaders in their field.

The final speaker talked about mental toughness and how mindset is a choice. He went on to give some tips on how people could start changing their mindset. This included reading books more often; the speaker suggested that the audience read the book, “Choose Yourself.” His next tip? Challenge conventional wisdom. You can change the way you think, just by deciding to do so. His final tip was to “have an attitude of gratitude.” Be grateful for the opportunity to have success, and for other people and their successes. “Gratitude and envy cannot live in the same heart,” he said.

By the end of the Leadership Development Seminar, the Dynamic Edge Consulting crew had pages of notes, and they were excited to get back to work, and to attack their goals. It was definitely a great learning experience and time well spent.

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Watch the video on YouTube to hear team members talk about their experience at the event!

Networking is a big part of business, especially when it comes to growing your own.  Entrepreneur came up with 5 Steps to Seriously Improve Your Networking, and they’re a lot simpler than you’d think.

  1. Mindset:  Relationships are not work! If you go in thinking that these conversations are for work, you’ll seriously be lacking.  Instead of thinking this person is going to be a business contact, think of them as a potential friend, and find something you have in common!
  2. Destination: Make a plan! This is where goal setting comes in.  Where do you want to be 5, 10 years from now? What do you want to accomplish?  Figure that out, and then you’ll figure out the kind of people that will help you get there.
  3. Map:  You know your destination now, right?  Well, now it’s time to make it official and write it down!  That means write down your goals, and for each goal, write down three potential friends that are going to help you reach that goal.
  4. Building a Human Connection: Here’s where networking as we know it comes in.  Remember, this is a potential friend, so how does one build that genuine connection? By asking insightful questions, by paying attention, and by remembering that better questions receive better answers.
  5. Super Connecting: The final step is just helping other people connect! Introduce one of your new friends to someone you already know! That way, you’re creating an inner circle of the people that you know can help you reach your destination!

Voila! Now get there and practice those new skills!

Reference: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245995

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Networking

It’s no surprise that with our culture of growth and professional development, that we would want to come together and celebrate our success! The annual National Leadership Conference provides a platform for sales professionals, human resource team members, and management teams from across the country to learn from the best in the industry, reconnect with colleagues, focus on corporate goals, share best practices, and recognize top performers in the industry.

To ensure a powerful message was conveyed to all attendees, the conference’s overall theme was to “Ignite Your Intensity”. With the conference conveniently scheduled in the middle of the year, attendees are able to re-evaluate their yearly strategies: are we on track, or do we need to realign our focus for the second half of the year? Guest speakers join in and provide action items on how to achieve goals and further professional growth and development.

So where does the celebration come in? As with tradition of the annual National Leadership Conference, the night concludes with dinner and an awards banquet. This year’s theme: a Millionaire’s Masquerade Ball. Guests dress in formal attire and enjoy the night with dinner, networking, and more awards and festivities. Top leaders in business are recognized for their amazing accomplishments, showcasing the results of hard work and intensity.

This year’s National Leadership Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to being the biggest opportunity event of the year, everyone was able to enjoy the history and culture of New Orleans. One of the biggest local attractions is the French Quarter’s Bourbon Street. Ever since the street’s founding in 1798, the heart of the French Quarter hosts a variety of attractions: from Galatoire’s Restaurant, Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, and the live jazz music Louisiana is so famous for. It’s safe to say that this year’s National Leadership Conference was a success!

Watch the video on YouTube to see more!

Dynamic Edge Consulting in New Orleans  Dynamic Edge Consulting- National Leadership Conference in Nola  Dynamic Eddge Consulting- National Leadership Conference     Dynamic Edge Consulting- National Leadership Conference in New Orleans


By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who operates a business while taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Understanding the resources you have and having the right student mentality to take advantage of them is a critical component of being successful.

Top performers who have reached certain milestones within Dynamic Edge Consulting’s management development program are invited to attend the Business Essentials Training Conference in Agoura Hills, Calif. It is an event entirely focused on providing entrepreneurially-minded business professionals with essential tools for their future endeavors.

The Business Essentials Training Conference is designed to build on the attendee’s previous knowledge that they have gained through the firm’s employee development program. Great habits and entrepreneurial principles are taught from the start. The program highlights essential work habits like attitude management, preparation, timeliness, work-ethic, discipline, organization, and respect for others.

During the Business Essentials Training Conference, attendees learn new management and leadership techniques. They learn about best practices for hiring, building good financial habits, utilizing mentors, and the importance of social media. They attend private Q&A sessions with some of the top performers in the industry. A trained legal team also goes over corporate laws and procedures.

In addition to the helpful workshops and networking opportunities, the Business Essentials Training Conference also includes a few entertainment aspects. Attendees get to explore Malibu, Santa Monica, and some local hot-spots in Los Angeles. All aspects of the conference are tailored to provide continued business education and additional resources for individuals that are advancing through the Management Development Program.

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Business Essentials Training Conference

In today’s society, it’s not just what you know anymore, but who you know as well. Business conferences are a reliaDynamic Edge Consulting- Unsplash photo for blog postble way to accrue knowledge and widen your network. There are many different ways to get the most out of the conference that you attend.

In preparation for the main event, there are a few things to keep in mind. Knowing the attendees of the conference will allow you to see who you would like to connect with ahead of time. If possible, get in contact with them to ensure a meet and greet. To make the most out of what you will learn from the attendees and the conference, make sure to have questions and topics of what you want to learn. “How can I improve on this skill-set? What are the steps that led you to success? What are some best practices that I can implement to my daily habits?”

On the day of the conference, treat it like you would when preparing for a test. Go to bed early, prepare the clothes that you are going to wear, and set your alarm clock the night before. On the morning of the conference, eat breakfast! Your energy and attention need to be refreshed, and it’s better to keep your hands free of food during most of the conference.

Making good first impressions is an important factor during conferences, especially since you have a short amount of time to meet the people you want to meet. How put together do you look? Are your clothes ironed? Your demeanor and nonverbal communication are two very important factors to keep in mind when you are introducing yourself to a potential mentor or business contact.

During the start of the conference, make sure your confidence is up! You are well prepared and are set up to have good interactions. Don’t have reservations in approaching the people that you need to attach. Make sure to let them know of your intent in meeting with them and building a professional relationship!

With the proper preparation, conferences are a wonderful way to gain knowledge and exponentially develop yourself.

The Dynamic Edge Consulting team helped raise over $2500 to benefit Operation Smile over the weekend! The team posted up on the pier in Huntington Beach and offered beach-goers a chance to pie their team in the face in exchange for a donation to Operation Smile.

Other team members hit the beach with coolers offering water and Gatorade to donors. Beach-goers loved the opportunity to pie someone in the face for a good cause, and the team enjoyed doing something great for charity.

“I have always wanted to give back to my community and we’re always looking for ways to give to charities and non-profit organizations. When we have fundraisers for Operation Smile, it gives us an opportunity to come together as an office and accomplish something for many people. Not only is it great helping people in need but it’s also amazing doing this while building strong relationships with your colleagues. Whether it’s people in the office or people in third-world countries, this is a ‘people-helping-people business’ and that’s what I love about this company,” said Jaime, a Dynamic Edge Consulting team member, when he was asked about the event.

After the fundraiser, the team enjoyed lunch at Sharky’s and then played volleyball together on the beach.

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities. It is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children worldwide through access to surgical care.

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Operation Smile 2017

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Operation Smile 2017 (1)

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Operation Smile 2017 (2)


The Dynamic Edge Consulting team is focused on professional growth and development! They attended their Spring Leadership Development Seminar over the weekend, where they heard speakers discuss topics like: mental toughness, goal setting, expansion planning, thinking big, and best practices for the coaching and development of others.

Congratulations to Mariela, Dynamic Edge Consulting’s Human Resource Manager, who received a Pacesetter’s Pin for her outstanding performance in 2016.


Dynamic Edge Consulting- Leadership Conference Spring 2017 (1)

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Leadership Conference Spring 2017

Get to know one of the top performers!

Get to know the Dynamic Edge Consulting team! Jazelle is a top performing leader within the firm.

“My goal is to promote into management and run a successful market. I will be able to achieve this by making sure to listen and learn from my coaches. Last year was great because I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. This year no one is going to stop me and I’m going full force!”

The Dynamic Edge Consulting team is back from Austin and ready to crush it in 2017! The team traveled to Texas for their Yearly Business and Leadership Conference that is designed to help the team gain new skills and further their education of the industry and business. Highlights from the weekend included workshops and breakouts, promotions and recognition, checking out the city of Austin, enjoying some delicious Texas BBQ, and attending a beautiful awards ceremony and dinner banquet! Check out the video to see more!

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Yearly Business and Leadership Conference!    Dynamic Edge Consulting- Yearly Business and Leadership Conference!    Dynamic Edge Consulting- Yearly Business and Leadership Conference!