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Business Essentials Training Conference

By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who operates a business while taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Understanding the resources you have and having the right student mentality to take advantage of them is a critical component of being successful.

Top performers who have reached certain milestones within Dynamic Edge Consulting’s management development program are invited to attend the Business Essentials Training Conference in Agoura Hills, Calif. It is an event entirely focused on providing entrepreneurially-minded business professionals with essential tools for their future endeavors.

The Business Essentials Training Conference is designed to build on the attendee’s previous knowledge that they have gained through the firm’s employee development program. Great habits and entrepreneurial principles are taught from the start. The program highlights essential work habits like attitude management, preparation, timeliness, work-ethic, discipline, organization, and respect for others.

During the Business Essentials Training Conference, attendees learn new management and leadership techniques. They learn about best practices for hiring, building good financial habits, utilizing mentors, and the importance of social media. They attend private Q&A sessions with some of the top performers in the industry. A trained legal team also goes over corporate laws and procedures.

In addition to the helpful workshops and networking opportunities, the Business Essentials Training Conference also includes a few entertainment aspects. Attendees get to explore Malibu, Santa Monica, and some local hot-spots in Los Angeles. All aspects of the conference are tailored to provide continued business education and additional resources for individuals that are advancing through the Management Development Program.

Dynamic Edge Consulting- Business Essentials Training Conference

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