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Our Clients


Our clients are the world leaders in their respective industries due to their quality. We choose to only work with brands that we feel proud to represent and believe bring true value to whatever market we target on behalf of our clients.

We work with clients who are leaders in the industries of: Telecommunications, Energy Distribution, Commercial and Residential Solar Acquisitions, and Mobility services.

Our target for our clients is their B2B market, typically small-to-medium business accounts. These accounts are high revenue. Therefore our ability to capture, retain, and increase revenue from these customers, our clients are looking forward to our further growth into their markets.

We have a contractual agreement with our clients not to use their brand names or logos for advertising purposes. Furthermore, since we are outsourced to represent their brand name for the purpose of acquiring their clients, we leave their logos out to avoid being confused by clients as a customer service department for their accounts.
For more information on what clients we are currently working with, please call our office at 562-425-2400.