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Official Launch of DEC Website!

Posted by: In: Blog Posts 01 Dec 2013 Comments: 0

Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. is happy to have the new website up and running!

Some key points for our visitors:

  • We have our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter all linked to the company site! We’re really big on community involvement and having a fun environment, so expect constant updates on what’s new in our world!
  • We’ve integrated a Web Application process that goes directly to our in-house HR department, meaning we can get to meet candidates that are applying for positions faster based on their qualifications for our available positions! We want to make sure everyone knows about career opportunities, especially with the high amount of new college grads finishing up!
  • We’ll be adding the Upcoming Events for the year 2016 shortly, so everyone knows the opportunities for some fun travel and R&R throughout the year! Especially for the current team, this is exciting because we look forward to seeing some new faces at the events!
  • We’ll be posting cool blog articles to keep the mind sharp – we’re big on that personal development thing, so it’s important that the website is great for people who are checking us out and visiting but also for our existing staff to always have some new brain food every time they visit.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who visits the page and look forward to another big year!


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