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Q: How has DEC Inc Maintained Growth In This Economy?

This is an aspect we are most proud of. There are three main factors attributing to our steady growth. First, we have the unique privilege of working with clients that provide ongoing needs for their business customers. We do not sign with clients who sell luxuries or trend specific services. The services our clients provide are necessities for even the most struggling businesses. In fact, our services are needed even more during times like this where businesses need help growing. Second, we will only work with clients that are capable of maintaining the amount of clients we are capable of getting them. With the combination of the fact that businesses will not stop purchasing the service and the clients will not cease to desire more business accounts, we are left with an ever thriving industry even in times of struggle. The third and final reason is we focus a lot of energy into the growth of our people. When we are focused on developing our team personally and professionally, we have an environment where people are capable of having more than just a job. They are capable of having a long successful career.


Q: What is the advantage for a client to use your service?

For clients that have never had a direct sales or marketing team, we offer them a service that is more effective at reaching target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as catalogues, media, commercials, and print ads). Our scope and range is unlimited. Clients that have an existing internal sales force find that our team will not only outperform theirs, but that we will also make it more cost effective for them. Better results at a lower cost equal an increase opportunity and growth for our employees as well as our clients.


Four main reasons clients gain a competitive advantage:

  • Speed to Market
  • Results
  • Quality of the Customer Experience
  • Our People and Our Values Mirror The Clients’ Values

Q: Is The Business Model Stable?

Direct sales and marketing is unique in that our clients receive 100% return for their investment. Our business itself is responsible for growing our clients’ market share and increasing the budgets our clients have. Not only are we working with strong Fortune 500 clients, we have a waiting list of clients at the moment.

We are continuing to look for new industries and new clients to expand our company. Our current contracts have allowed us to grow since our west coast operations opening and our recent developments in other markets.


Q: What does DEC Inc sell?

Great question! We don’t sell products. We acquire and retain business clients for our clients. We are the middle man between the larger corporation and their business clients. We essentially market and sell the service account to business owners. A day to day would involve meeting with business owners to discuss their business model, find areas where our clients would be of need and sign accounts where the service of our client meets the needs of the owner’s business models. An ideal client for our service is a nationwide corporation that specializes in diverse business commodities and is looking to increase clientele.


Q: If I’m a potential client, how would I find out if this approach could work for me?

Before committing long-term to a new campaign, a test market is done to ensure that it is mutually beneficial for both us and the client. A typical pilot program would be worked on for approximately six weeks at a cost of approximately $10,000. If proven successful, we will commit ourselves to a long term contract with the client.


Q: Do DEC Inc. representatives work from home?

No, the representatives come to the office daily. We stress the importance of hands on training to expose our future leaders to a “real world” business environment. We believe it is our structure and a systematic approach that contributes to the growth.


Q: What is “direct marketing”?

In today’s fast paced work environment, a company’s ability to brand their products and services is crucial to their existence. Direct marketing is a way for us to be the face behind the brand and put a smile and a handshake behind the big corporate name.


Q: What does DEC Inc. look for in its clients?

We look for a partnership. In order to maintain the growth and stability mentioned above, DEC Inc specifically looks for clients that are large enough to handle the rapid growth we can provide. We look for clients that can allow for expansion to different market shares both nationally as well as internationally. We also look for clients whose own client base is diverse enough to maintain constant growth. Finally, we work with clients that sell commodities and needed services as opposed to luxuries. This ensures the stability of our company as well as all employees within the company.


Q: How do I found out what clients DEC Inc. is working with now?

The company is outsourced by several different Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from telecommunications, energy, merchant processing, business supplies and more. We are contractually obligated not to use their logos and brand names for advertising purposes. For more information you can call our office.


Q: What does DEC Inc. look for in its employees?

DEC Inc looks for people who share our values. We will only hire ambitious, charismatic individuals capable of excelling in a business, leadership, and sales position. Experience is helpful, yet complete training is provided. We are more concerned with what people can accomplish within the company and their actual character than we are in what they have previously done.