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Team members from Dynamic Edge Consulting are focused on learning and professional development! This past weekend, the crew attended their Fall Leadership Development Seminar at the Courtyard Marriott in Orange County. Top performing industry leaders were selected to address the crowd of several hundred business professionals. Speakers covered a variety of topics, such as: mental strength and toughness, time and priority management, organizational expansion planning, and how to be a productive leader.

One of the speakers opened up with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln, where he said, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening my saw.” That intro led into talking about the importance of taking the time for professional development, “sharpening that saw”, and the role that that plays in helping one achieve their goals.

The next speaker talked about how Jeff Bezos recently hit the net worth mark of 93 billion. “Your level of influence is directly correlated to your success,” he said. The speaker continued to give the audience notes on becoming stronger, more influential leaders in their field.

The final speaker talked about mental toughness and how mindset is a choice. He went on to give some tips on how people could start changing their mindset. This included reading books more often; the speaker suggested that the audience read the book, “Choose Yourself.” His next tip? Challenge conventional wisdom. You can change the way you think, just by deciding to do so. His final tip was to “have an attitude of gratitude.” Be grateful for the opportunity to have success, and for other people and their successes. “Gratitude and envy cannot live in the same heart,” he said.

By the end of the Leadership Development Seminar, the Dynamic Edge Consulting crew had pages of notes, and they were excited to get back to work, and to attack their goals. It was definitely a great learning experience and time well spent.

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Watch the video on YouTube to hear team members talk about their experience at the event!

A group of Dynamic Edge Consulting team members spent the day in Agoura Hills for Leadership Development Day! The team attended workshops covering topics such as goal setting and planning, priority management, situational leadership and coaching strategies. It was a fun and educational day away from the office!

Top performing Human Resources team members and Assistant Managers from Dynamic Edge Consulting attended a three-day business training conference in Los Angeles. Discussion topics varied from best practices in coaching conversations, to setting smart goals, and priority management training. Other highlights from the conference included dinner at Sushi-Roku in Santa Monica, and Gladstones in Malibu.

Dynamic Edge Consulting team members headed to Nashville, Tennessee this weekend for their annual National Leadership Conference. The conference is held every summer and team members always look forward to the action-packed agenda. The event took place at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, not far from the Grand Old Opry. The Opryland Hotel is one of largest non-casino hotels in the Continental United States outside of Las Vegas. Travelers enjoy the hotel’s beautiful architecture, and especially its Cascades Atrium and Garden Conservatory.

This year’s event featured a keynote address from Jennifer Bricker, an American acrobat and aerialist. Jennifer always dreamed of becoming a gymnast, but she was born without legs. Her parents gave her up for adoption in Romania on the day she was born because of her birth defect, and she was adopted by Gerald and Sharon Bricker, an American family. The Brickers taught her to believe that she was not handicapped and that she could do just about anything that everyone else did. Jennifer’s message to the Dynamic Edge Consulting team and others at the conference was one of determination and believing you can achieve.

The conference was packed with educational work-shops and breakouts, and opportunities to network with other industry professionals. The team heard speakers cover topics such as making smart financial habits, being mentally tough, setting smart short and long term goals, coaching and training of others, and organization development. Outside of the conference, the team enjoyed checking out local attractions and live music.

Another highlight of the event, was Dynamic Edge Consulting’s manager being recognized for top performance in the organization. The weekend was capped off with a beautiful awards ceremony and banquet.

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