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18 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top 20 Tips

Posted by: In: Blog Posts 30 Nov 2013 Comments: 0

So much noise in the world. So much chatter.

Most of it sounds like the adults speaking on Charlie Brown: “mwa mwa-mwa mwa mwa”

But sometimes between all the mumbo-jumbo comes ear piercing wisdom. Yes — pure unfiltered advice in search of a landing pad in the brain of startup entrepreneurs.

And so my question when having an audience of rock star entrepreneurs is always this:

“If I were a 20 year old just starting my first business; and you could give me only one piece of advice or wisdom; what would it be?”

Having landed smack dab in the middle of a ton of smart, well heeled entrepreneurs at a recent live event in Scottsdale, Arizona — I asked my question.

 Low and behold, 18 entrepreneurs fired off 20 bits of wickedly good advice for all of us. Click here to read the full article from Forbes.


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